Social Media Management

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What Is Social Media Management?

By social media management we mean the management of the entire brand experience on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok and more.

It is very important for brands and companies to manage these different communication channels under the umbrella of a cohesive strategy, which includes different sets of planning and content production, taking into account the specificity of each platform.


Why Social Media Matters

Social media plays an increasingly central role in the development of any activity. Nowadays it is essential for every brand to know how to position their brand with an intelligent use of content and optimize them to increase their brand awareness and the engagement rate of their profiles.

Content creation and planning

As a first step, we will take our client’s input to develop a coherent editorial plan that takes into account all relevant social media platforms. Our copywriters will work hard to create the perfect post, story, video or blog to bring out your business.

Talent and influencer partnership

With our extensive network, we will be able to involve any type of talent or influencers in your campaigns and events, to ensure that our content reaches the widest possible audience. In this way, your brand will gain visibility and dramatically increase its reputation and brand image.

Reporting & analysis

By analyzing the periodic reports and studying the target market, we will continuously optimize your campaigns to achieve the best possible results and keep you updated on the evolution of your brand’s campaign.

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